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Mental Joe

Mandalorian "This is the WAY."

Mandalorian "This is the WAY."

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In a galaxy so distant it makes the corner store seem like a next-door trip, there exists a quirky bunch of Mandalorians. These aren't your average helmeted heroes; oh no, they've swapped their intercoms for something a bit more organic. They're all about the mycelium network, using fungi to phone home and dig deep into their spiritual soil. For them, "This is the way" isn't just about following the crowd. It's more like, "This is the way... to inner peace and a really good chat with your planet." Imagine sending a text through a mushroom; that's their everyday!

Key Features:

  • 30/1, 4.2 Oz. Premium Weight Fabric
  • 50% Polyester/ 38% Cotton/ 12% Rayon- Varies by Color
  • 50% Polyester/ 25% Cotton/ 25% Rayon- Varies by Color
  • Super Soft Combed Ring-Spun Cotton
  • 142 gm/m2
  • Taped Shoulder to Shoulder
  • Two Needle Sleeve and Bottom Hem
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